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Why Start A Digital Marketing Company? How Is It Different From Traditional Marketing?

January 26, 2022

UAE has become a business of marketers, and this business thrives due to the launching of new companies every single day.

You can see a new brand launching around every nook and corner of the nation everyday. However, not every brand is know and for brands to be known marketing has become the most essential asset. This asset is utmost efficient in digital platforms these days.

Why digital marketing? 

Digital marketing is a term that goes way beyond Facebook and Instagram. Digital marketing not only advertises your brand but also establishes a strong base for your company. 

The term refers to every effort taken on any online platform for marketing a brand. The promotion methods of digital marketing vary a lot compared to traditional marketing.

Why start a digital marketing company?

When you hear the word "startup" you know that the investment is very limited. And with this limited investment it is necessary that you make the most out of the available resources. 

Digital marketing is a platform that can help you reach a broad range of audience under the influence of limited investment. In comparison with traditional marketing, digital marketing costs only quarter of the investment.

What are the benefits of starting a digital marketing company?

Other than being highly low on investment the digital marketing platforms include various benefits such as 

Higher brand awareness

Broader reach compared to traditional marketing

Measure active results 

Higher return on investment

Helps retain customer  loyalty

Very accessible

Why Chose IFZA To Start Your Digital Marketing Company?

The International Free Zone Authority (IFZA) is known to be the most popular Freezone in UAE. Being a commercial hub the Freezone consists of various business startup packages for entrepreneurs, among these many packages are known to be friendly on the pocket for beginners. 

The government also takes constant measures to help grow and expand the Freezone companies. One such measure taken is offering a lifetime 'Visa' to the investors.

How To Set Up Your Digital Marketing Company In UAE?

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