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Why Should You Have Office Space in UAE For Your Business?

February 1, 2022

Many foreign entrepreneurs are choosing the UAE for the launch of their businesses because it is a major business destination. Besides top companies, UAE also hosts many start-ups that are located in prime locations. For the region's economic development, the Free Zones are an important factor. Investors can take advantage of a number of attractive packages offered by the Free Zones. Investors can greatly benefit from owning an office in one of the UAE's Free Zones. For many businesses, UAE office space is a necessity. The investor's requirements are the major factor in determining this factor. It is still highly beneficial for the investor if his/her company has an office in the UAE. 

6 Things You Should Know about Why Investors Get Office Space in Dubai?

Office space in Dubai  is available with a variety of cost structures and infrastructures. 

1. Dubai Address

The investor can acquire a prestigious Dubai address by opening an office in Dubai. 

There are also top-class infrastructures in Dubai's office spaces. Branding can be enhanced as a result. A company's branding is not a factor in some business activities, nor is the office space both. Clients may only consider the brand aspect of a company as secondary when it comes to software development.

2. Physical Infrastructure

Investors can take advantage of top-quality facilities and infrastructure at the UAE Office Space. Among the amenities it will have are meeting rooms, conference rooms, a cafeteria, and telephone services. 

It will be equipped with all the technical support needed to keep up with productivity and work effectively. A physical office will also help you in the “Know-Your-Customer” process, since a physical office will allow the bank to open an account faster.

3. Minimal Documentation

The documentation you need to own or rent an office in the UAE mainland or free zone is minimal. Licensing and leasing options are available both for a yearly and multi-year period. It is easy to prepare a tenancy agreement. Offices in specific emirates in the UAE will adhere to the specific lease terms and conditions set by the authorities in the Free Zone or the Department of Economic Development. 

4. Reduced Overhead Expense

In offices across Free Zones, electric and water usage are included in rent. The company does not have to make any additional investment when its offices are fully furnished. There is only one expense that is continuously incurred by the company, and that is its operational expenses. 

5. Credibility & Recognitions

A prestigious office space provides investors credibility with other parties, such as vendors, banks, and service providers. Due to the presence of a physical office space, the brand will be more recognizable to customers. It is not obligatory to have a physical office space for certain types of business activities in which the focus is on individual contributions rather than a corporate identity. 

6. Accessibility & Flexibility

The investment can reach the office 24/7 if the office is located in the UAE. With it, you're able to work when you like and maintain your office contracts. The office is easily accessible to employees, allowing them to work at their convenience, host onsite meetings, set up projects in advance, and more. The office in the UAE has 24/7 security, as well as flexible operating hours.

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