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Why Do Individuals and Families Love Living in Dubai?

September 22, 2021

Are you looking for a multicultural city that’s great for families and young professionals alike, lets you earn tax-free income, is a safe place to live, and offers plenty of beautiful sandy beaches?

Then why not consider Dubai? This modern city offers individuals and families some of the best living conditions anywhere in the world. Learn why people love living in Dubai and why it might be the ideal place for you.

Modern City, Gorgeous Location

Located in the United Arab Emirates overlooking the blue waters of the Persian Gulf, Dubai is a city reimagined by visionaries. Founded in 1833, its roots go back thousands of years. In recent years Dubai has experienced a huge transformation, going from a modest fishing village to the architectural wonder and international business hub it is today.

Its unique geography makes Dubai a great place for people who enjoy:

  • Beaches and seaside living
  • Plenty of sunny days
  • Very mild winters
  • City life excitement & conveniences
  • Desert camping & nature treks
  • Nearby sand dune adventures  

In the heart of Dubai, you won’t lack anything since you’ll find man-made wonders that let you enjoy a tropical rainforest inside a biodome, plus year-round indoor skiing regardless of what the weather’s like outside.

A Thriving Multicultural Place

Dubai is where cultures gather from all around the world. Approximately 70% of the people living here were born elsewhere. You’ll find large groups of expats from many different countries, and your kids will have the opportunity to grow up in a multicultural environment where more than 200 nationalities are represented.

Needless to say, the international fare here is incredible. In addition to Middle Eastern dishes like manousheh, sometimes dubbed “Arab pizza,” you can have whatever food you want, from Indian to Italian and beyond.

Tax-Free Salaries

A big surprise for many people is the lack of taxes in Dubai. If you work here, you won’t pay income taxes on what you earn, giving you the freedom to save or spend as you like. Instead of collecting income tax from individuals, a corporate tax is collected from a few industries, namely, oil businesses and foreign banks.  

Be aware that entertainment and hospitality are taxed. Expect to pay around 10% in taxes when you go to the movies or are dining out. But since there’s no income tax, most people don’t mind paying a little extra for fun.

Great Entertainment for All Ages

Speaking of entertainment, there’s something here for everyone. These are just some of the entertainment options available for different groups and ages.

For Kids & Families

When they’re not busy with schoolwork, children can enjoy family-style fun, including:

  • After-school enrichment activities, from robotics to theater
  • Indoor play areas
  • Theme parks
  • Summer & winter camps
  • Desert safaris, including camel riding & sandboarding
  • Water activities
  • Kite flying

For Teenagers

This thriving city provides tons of activities for tweens and teens, such as:

  • School field trips & enriching after-school activities
  • Attraction-filled malls
  • Indoor snow parks
  • Beach parties
  • Water sports
  • Virtual gaming hubs
  • Movie theaters

For Young Professionals

Couples and singles have tons of entertainment options in this thriving city. Here are just some of the things young professionals can enjoy in Dubai:

  • Shopping malls
  • Restaurants
  • Ice rinks
  • Coffee shops
  • Night clubs
  • Music festivals
  • International sports events

For Everyone

People of all ages can enjoy these additional entertainment venues in Dubai:

  • Escape rooms
  • Beach clubs
  • Sunset barbecues
  • Boat rides & dinner cruises
  • Cultural tours
  • Hot-air balloon rides
  • Cycling
  • And more

Super Safe

Another top reason families and individuals love living in Dubai is the high level of safety they can enjoy here. The city is known as one of the top places for personal safety, with some of the lowest crime rates of any metropolis in the world.

Public transport options are safe for all ages. Teenagers regularly make use of this system, both for fun and simply to get around. That’s because nobody is allowed to drive until the age of 18.

Generous Relocation Packages

Professional opportunities abound, and not just in oil and banking. The economy is diversified and robust, with the technology and tourism industries doing especially well.

Individuals and families relocating to Dubai often benefit from generous relocation packages, which may include some or all of the following, depending on the company:

  • Private school tuition for your kids
  • Quality medical benefits for you and your family
  • Relocation bonus
  • Annual flight allowance
  • Accommodation assistance

Don’t be afraid to negotiate to try getting the best compensation and relocation package possible. And when you move, you may want to connect with expat social groups and clubs for support to help you adjust faster to your new country.

To Learn More

Now that you know more about the benefits of living in this great city find out how to take steps to make a move to Dubai a reality. Startup Zone can help you learn what you need to know for a smooth process from start to finish. Make sure to follow our social medial channels for future informative posts with tips and advice on living your best life in Dubai.

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