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What Are The Top Services Provided By IFZA?

December 26, 2021

The talk of the town when it comes to investment in the UAE is undeniably International Free Zone Authority (IFZA). The strategic location and numerous advantages attract investors across the globe to invest in Dubai. 

Noticeably the IFZA also provides various licenses and facilities as listed below:

Why Do Investors And Entrepreneurs Prefer To Have An IFZA license?

Under one IFZA License, the investors have an option to perform up to 3 activities in the Free Zone. To perform more than 3 activities one will have to pay an additional charge. 

Another significant factor that attracts investors and entrepreneurs is that they are allowed to mix commercial and professional activities under one license. A very few free zones do not consider e-commerce as a separate activity and IFZA is one among them.

An entrepreneur with a General IFZA trading license is qualified to sell goods on online platforms. Also, you are allowed to proceed with a virtual office and do not require a physical warehouse in the Freezone. 


What are the types of IFZA licenses issued?

1) Consultancy License

Any entrepreneur willing to provide professional consultancy for businesses and individuals can obtain a consultancy license.

2) General Trading License

Investors willing to perform general trading activities such as selling, distribution, storing, importing, exporting and re-exporting can obtain a general tradoing license. Multiple goods can be traded under one general trading license with no additional costs. 

However, some of the goods such as weaponry & alcohol can’t be traded under this license and require special permission from government authorities. 

3) Service License

Any investor willing to conduct a service oriented business can obtain a service license. This license if provided to individuals who are either holding a professional degree or an experience that is significant in a particular field. 

4) Trading License

The trading license is the same as general trading license, however an investor can trade only a single type of commodity under this license. 

From license upgrades/downgrades to amendments and document attestations, IFZA provides additional services as well.

What Visa Benefits Does IFZA Provide?

The cost of an IFZA visa generally starts from AED 3,750. By starting an IFZA free zone business you get an advantage of obtaining 1 free for lifetime investment visa. Moreover, the investors also have an option of getting VIP Visa stamping. 

Other than this the free zone is coming up with many offers, improved pricings and promotions constantly.


Obtaining an IFZA License to start your business in Dubai also has numerous facilities for office setup that are cost efficient, such as:

  • Virtual Office
  • Shared Office Spaces
  • Warehouses for goods
  • Full office spaces

The International Free Zone Authority (IFZA) excluding the above mentioned services also offers packages with array of services for both entrepreneurs and investors

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