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Dubai Guide, 2022: 5 Low Cost Business Ideas For Women!

January 7, 2022

“ A lady should be two things: Who and What she wants”

Apt to this quote, every woman can be these two things no matter where she is. As we speak, many people assume that women can not own or run a business in Dubai as it is an Arab state. 

Well, on the contrary the Dubai government has taken efforts to create a female friendly working economic environment to encourage female entrepreneurs to set up their business in the emirate. Women in Dubai can do business in any sector they desire based on their taste and passion. 

Although you have unlimited options to choose from, here are a few proven business ideas that can give you a ride to success in 2022. 

“There is no force equal to a woman determined to rise”

Social Media Consultant

If you are someone who has a strong interest in social media, can keep up with the trends and a flair for creativity then this is the perfect job for you. Social media these days has the power to make or break any person/company. Owing to the same, business owners are ready to pay a hefty amount for anyone capable of handling their accounts right. 

Recruitment Agency

Dubai is an emirate with endless room for growth and every other individual is fascinated by the city’s fantastic lifestyle. In accordance with both these points many people move to Dubai either to look for a job or start their own business. However, it is hard for the employers to find the right employee and the employees to find the right employer. Having a recruitment agency and doing your best among the competitors can take you to great heights.

Course Creation

The pandemic left many people jobless among them while some of them are spending their time learning online others are teaching online with their experience and skills. You could do the latter and sell it as a course to online teaching platforms.

City Guide Blog

If you love writing and know a lot of hidden-gems in the emirate, then there is nothing else you need to be an amazing city guide blogger. This is one of the business opportunities with low cost investment and can generate a steady income based on your reach and engagement. Dubai being an emirate with a lot of tourists, these blogs can have extreme value.


If you have content but cannot write, then you can just talk about it by being on the camera. You can spread out your content in social media platforms then also gain traffic in youtube with the right business approach. As a vlogger you can also collaborate with people around the city and earn by generating leads for them. 

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