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Do you really need a Business Setup Expert?

February 13, 2022

For new entrepreneurs, setting up a company can be a daunting task, and without an experienced professional to guide them, the process can be complicated. Once the business gets its license, it can start operations, but obtaining that license requires many layers of documentation and paperwork, approvals from a range of government agencies, and dealing with numerous jurisdictions. A business setup consultancy in Dubai will handle these tasks for you to save you time, money, and effort.

Assessing the cost of business setup

How much does company formation in Dubai cost? That's the most common question people ask before they start their business. Considering the number of business activities, jurisdiction, visa requirements, and several other factors, there is never a set cost for any business activity. Business setup advisors help you select the most cost-effective jurisdiction in accordance with your current and future business requirements considering various jurisdictions available in various zones. An entrepreneur new to UAE's market may find it difficult to make a proper analysis.


Determine which jurisdiction is right for you

An entrepreneur must make a critical decision during the initial stages of their business which will determine the future of the company. For this reason, one should proceed with caution when choosing their jurisdiction. Based on the target audience and the market reach, one can choose between Mainland, Free Zone, and offshore jurisdictions.

Applying for licenses

Getting a professional business license in Dubai does not require complicated paperwork or government approvals. A business setup consultant in Dubai handles all those formalities and paperwork for you. Companies that are just getting started or are expanding choose to go to business setup advisors since they handle the entire process of setting up or expanding your company.

Assisting with bank account opening

Opening a corporate bank account is the next major step for a newly setup business after getting a license. Obtaining a bank account requires submitting a lengthy list of documents. Getting a bank account opened can be a hassle for some people, but Startup zone will make it as easy as possible. Our in-house team will assist you in contacting banks. 

Providing office space and securing visas 

We also offer employee visas, medical fitness certificates, and UAE ID services to companies and offer tax and accounting services, facilitating the process of obtaining office spaces and helping with the process of establishing a global business in the UAE.

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