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Do Influencers Need A License In UAE? Everything You Need To Know?

January 30, 2022

From little kids to late 80s people of every age are more aware of the influencers trending on social media than any national leader. 

The influencers are taking the world by storm and are undeniably responsible for a great impact in our everyday life choices. Like every other country UAE has also produced some highly impactful influencers whose opinions can make and break brands.

Do Influencers Require A License In UAE?

The social media influencers in UAE do require a permit because their presence in our feed tends to affect the minor to major decisions we make and influence our thoughts one way or the other.

The permit involves certain rules and regulations that need to be followed not just by social media influencers but also the bloggers/ vloggers on every social media platform.

Why Do Influencers Require A Permit In UAE?

The term 'Influencer' does not just involve passion but it has also become a profession these days. And in order to maintain the professionalism and transparency in this line of work the UAE government has established a law for influencers to obtain a license.

Who Is Exempt From The Permit?

Not all influencers are require to obtain the license. Most people that only receive gifts, products in exchange for their coverage in regards with the brand. And such people are not required to obtain a license. But influencers that get paid for doing the promotions are most definitely required to obtain a legal permit for their branding services provided.

What Do You Need to Require An Influencer Permit?

If you are currently thinking of becoming an influencer amount other things then here's a list of things you need to keep prepared for obtaining the permit

Copy of passport

Copy of Visa

Emirates ID(if applicable)

Copy of 2 passport size colored photographs

Personal details required to fill in the application form

How To Obtain The License?

Going through the blog you might have come to an understanding that obtaining the license is not a complicated process. But it can also be understood that you require the right amount of understanding to acquire the permit.

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