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Business Ideas 2022: Top 7 Blooming Industries To Choose From!

December 22, 2021

Despite being hard hit by the Covid-19 Pandemic, UAE has become a home ground for businesses to grow and bloom. From investors to entrepreneurs, both wealthy and looking for wealthy people are willing to step foot in Dubai. 

The UAE government has always initiated attractive plans to help encourage businesses, whereas now it is taking extra measures with EXPO 2020 happening to make room for more growth. 

And owing to all this information if you are wondering what new business activities are the best to invest in, then read ahead to find out

Best Business Platforms To Invest In:

1) IT Solutions

With Covid halting the operations of companies for a long time, businesses of every sector were forced to go online to continue functioning. 

This however has made many entrepreneurs and investors aware of the benefits that they can have at the ease of home. In turn, allowed the growth of digital requirements for every business. Hence, building vast opportunities for IT Solutions.

2)  E-Commerce

Along with the need for companies and businesses to go online, product availability has also become digital as well. 

From groceries to clothes and every other consumer requirement is being fulfilled online. Even after the release of the lockdown, many people prefer digital shopping due to cost efficiency, time-saving ability, and less effort. 

3) Logistics

The increasing ordering of things online comes with the requirement of Delivery. Simultaneous growth in the availability of physical needs in online sectors has increased the need for logistics to perform delivery activities.

Owing to the same the logistics department has experienced profit. An entrepreneurial investment in this sector is most likely to build a highly profitable business. 

4) Digital Printing

In recent, the crown prince of Dubai ‘Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum’ announced that Dubai has become the world’s first government to go entirely paperless. 

Each and every document now required digital printing of itself for conversions and submissions hence making the digital printing sector a valuable business field.

5) Tourism Services

After the end of the pandemic, Dubai has become the top travel destination on everyone’s bucket list. Offering tourism services to tourists and even individuals looking to invest in the country or shift is one of the best business sector choices. 

To escape the lockdown fatigue every individual is now willing to visit Dubai for various reasons. The hotel occupancy rate of Dubai has increased by 71% in December 2021.

6) Cloud Kitchens

The F&B sector has always been on top when it comes to a successful business. On the contrary to traditional restaurants and cafes topping the list, cloud kitchens are now having equal sales.

Online ordering and home delivery of food have exempted the consumer from worrying about the ambiance of the restaurant and are more concentrated on cost efficiency. By saving investment of setting up a space for your F&B business you can increase the recognition of your cloud kitchen. 

7) Consultancy

An increasing number of entrepreneurs and investors willing to invest in Dubai has become a cause to rise demand for consultancy services. 

Starting a business requires for the investor to have a detailed market study following which a service partner for hassle-free business setup. Hence, providing the right consultancy service can help you grow your business in the field.

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