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6+1 Ways Expo 2020 Is Providing Opportunities For Dubai Take Off!

December 18, 2021

Miracles are and have always been a part of this world. But if there is any place that makes its own miracles then it is “Dubai”. From cloud seeding for the rain to constructing their man-made island, Palm Jumeirah, Dubai has made the impossible possible.

Dubai has always strived to be at the top of the world by doing its best in everything. From having the tallest building in the world, Burj Khalifa to conducting the largest global trade event, Expo 2020.

UAE has become the first Middle Eastern nation to host the Expo. Among Sao Paulo-Brazil, Izmir-Turkey, and Ekaterinburg-Russia, Dubai won the bid in 2013. 

Despite a delay in beginning the event due to Covid-19, Dubai has finally taken the centre stage. The Expo 2020 is helping Dubai take off from every aspect and here are a few reasons why. 

1) A Boost In Dubai’s Travel And Tourism Economy

Millions of visitors are flocking to Dubai from all over the world ever since Expo 2020 began. According to the experts, the number of visitors to Dubai will reach 25 million in the coming days. 

The participation of 190 countries in Expo 2020 has opened opportunities for a significant boost in tourism and travel activities.

2) The Best Time For Business

This is a continuation of the first point, the growing visitors is helping the UAE have room for more business opportunities. 

Owing to the same, this makes it the right time to start any business in Dubai. Business tycoons, investors and government officials are converging in the Expo. The Expo is helping people get real business connections and more visibilty in both local and international markets. 

3) Employee and Employers Benefitted Equally

Construction, Real Estate, Transportation, Retail, Hospitality, Business Services, Food and Beverage, and almost every other sector has a high demand of workers and contractors due to the Expo. This means there will be more job opportunities for the residents even long after the event

On the other hand, the Expo 2020 is attracting the attention of more talented individuals. Expo in this way is acting as an iron in the fire benefitting both employees and employers in Dubai

4) Room For SMEs 

Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) are having an equal opportunity for growth along with the corporations this Expo 2020. Dubai is also planning to redevelop the site and provide location for Startups to setup. 

5) International Relations and Co-operations are becoming stronger

Expo is not just an opportunity to showcase innovation but also a chance to create more open and collaborative international relations. 

Dubai is also focusing on sustainability as their prime commitment. The sustainability forum is going to help Dubai focus in better environment along with Economy. Dubai will capitalize on new trade opportunities including more demand for commercial opportunities.

6) USD 20 Billion Worth Of Investment

Expo 2020 might bring USD 20 Billion which equals AED 73.4 Billion worth of investment for Dubai. Experts are anticipating direct foreign investments in many sectors including Real Estate to Retail. 

This massive trade fair is most likely to generate more than 2,70,000 jobs. 

Bonus Point: An Opportunity For Dubai To Make History Again

One thing that the Expo guarantees for Dubai is the opportunity for displaying why Dubai is a great place to work, invest and do business. 

From being a small dessert to a Port town, Dubai has come a long way. Technology, architecture, business, finance, luxury and tourism every sector has been highly amplified. Expo has given Dubai the spotlight to attract mega projects and foreign investments by displaying their infrastructure.

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